The handover of 502 pairs of school shoes to scholars attending Hlangalezwe Primary School in Mkhuhlu took place on Wednesday the 4th of August 2021.

Barefoot No More school shoes are unique, locally manufactured school shoes which are durable and easy to maintain, do not require shoe polish, and can stretch to accommodate growing feet. Each pair of school shoes is donated in a centre branded book bag together with a stationery set.
Hlangalezwe Primary School is located within 4 kilometres of the shopping centre. Norman Magagula, Mkhuhlu Plaza Centre Manager, says that the donation has had a positive impact in the community, “It has made huge difference as most of the children’s parents depend on social grants. The school Principal and the School Governing Body were speechless as they were so thankful for the donation to the scholars”.

Norman says that the Barefoot No More project not only benefits the community through supporting education but has helped to build goodwill between the community and Mkhuhlu Plaza, “The Barefoot No More project plays a vital role in the community. The community recognises and appreciates the donation and in turn we have the support of the leaders, tribal council and other stakeholders who help to protect our centre against crime and unrest”.

Mkhuhlu Plaza has donated 1 086 pairs of school shoes to scholars in the Mkhuhlu community since 2019.