The handover of 1 009 pairs of school shoes to scholars attending Areaganeng Primary School in Mahikeng took place on Tuesday the 20th of April 2021.

Barefoot No More school shoes are unique, locally manufactured school shoes which are durable and easy to maintain, do not require shoe polish, and can stretch to accommodate growing feet. Each pair of school shoes is donated in a centre branded book bag together with a stationery set.

The school is located within walking distance of the centre and Marina van der Westhuizen, Centre Manager of The Crossing Shopping Centre, sees scholars walking to school on her daily commute. “Every morning I see many children walking to school barefoot, and some of the children are carrying their younger brother or sister over the thorny bushes and rocks. It filled my heart with joy this morning to see the children wearing their brand new Barefoot No More school shoes carrying their book bags and holding their siblings’ hands.

The Crossing Shopping Centre has donated 2 026 pairs of school shoes to scholars in the Mahikeng community since 2019.