“The clinic has impacted me in many ways. My passion for nursing grows everyday and the love the community gives me makes me want to do more for the patients. My biggest passion is educating the patients about healthcare and explaining why they are being affected by illnesses, because I believe that when people are well informed about their illness or condition, they are then able to make better choices for their health. The clinic is affordable for those that are working or those that are unemployed. They will get quality healthcare at an affordable price. The community loves the convenience of the clinic’s location as it is right next to the taxi rank at Mkhuhlu Plaza. The community appreciates and loves Unjani Clinic a lot.” - Unjani Clinic Nurse, Senzekile Moyane

Unjani Clinic is funded by Imperial and is a network of black women owned and operated primary healthcare clinics that provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to communities in low income areas. The clinics provide employment for up to three nurses from the local community. Unjani Clinics have been established at eight centres under Capital Land’s management: Diepsloot Mall, Moutse Mall, Kanyamazane Centre, Nkomazi Plaza, Mkhuhlu Plaza, Thulamahashe Plaza, Heidelberg Mall and Maxwell Centre.

175 000